Political Action


Here at Local 2154 we are renewing a focus on Politics, a stance that unfortunately has become less popular among our membership in the recent years. This is both puzzling and troubling to us here at Local 2154. The middle class and labor need to stand together, we need to re-prioritize the things that our most important to us. We shouldn't allow hot topic issues such as gun rights, abortion, and gay rights to cloud our judgment. Please do not get us wrong by thinking we don't believe these to be very important issues, they are, but at the end of the day our families and our jobs should be the most relevant issues on the table. We need to support politicians who have our best interests at heart, NOT corporate America. We need people in office who wish to reverse the trend of the rich getting richer and the middle class getting suppressed more and more. We here at Local 2154, just like our Brothers and Sisters across America, should be fed up with having to make concessions to corporate greed, this is a trend that has to be reversed. For this to happen we need to unify and get people in office, from the White House to the Town House, with our interests in mind. So join the Committee on Political Education (COPE) so we can get our message out and support Politicians who support us.

Questions on how to join COPE ask a Steward, your Board rep, or call the union office at 716-662-8480.