Elections Coming Up and Nominations

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

With the calendar flipped to May hopefully the warmer dryer weather will come with it and we can start getting ready for our upcoming Summer Picnic at Darien Lake on July 29.  Flyers should be posted at all locations, with who to contact for your tickets. Don't miss out a good time is always had by all.  Both of our Locals also have elections coming up with nominations this month, voting done in June and the Executive Board and Officers beginning their 3 year term at July's Executive Board meeting. We hope to see everyone at the upcoming meetings. Thank you for all you do and stay safe!

As was stated earlier we are having our nomination meetings, at all of our units in PA & NY this month, we hope all can attend. If you are interested in running for a certain Office or Executive Board position please take the time to research each positions responsibilities, these can be found in our IBEW Constitution.  Thank you and see you at your meeting.