Election Process

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Our elections will be taking place this month, here is the process.  Brian Graf who is our election judge and our tellers, Lance Grad, Ron Wilhelm and Dave May will be in the office June 1 & 2.  They will have all ballots together and mailed out on June 2.  Your ballot will go to your personal residence.  Fill out your ballot and place it in the envelope marked Secret Ballot.  You will then place the Secret Ballot envelope into the return addressed stamped envelope, seal and place your name and address in the upper left hand corner as indicated.  On June 29 Brian Graf will go and pick up the ballots at the Election Boards PO Box.  Brian and the tellers will go through and mark everyone who voted and place the Secret Ballot envelope into the Ballot Box.  After they go through that process they will begin counting the Secret Ballots.  On June 30 Brian will once again check the PO Box to see if any Ballots came in over night and complete the Ballot counting process.  For a Ballot to count, your envelope has to be post marked by June 23 and have your name and return address need to be in the top left corner, a stamp or sticker is fine.  The directions will also be included in your Ballot packet.  Please take the time to vote it doesn't even cost you a stamp, we supply that.

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