Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act

Thursday, October 24, 2019
The recently passed Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act is now the law.  To that end, there are goals and objectives that includes dramatic reductions in fossil fuel use and emissions from greenhouse gases.
Among the objectives is to shift home heating from natural gas to geothermal electric, as well as emission reduction mandates for commercial and industrial customers.  
While reductions in emissions are noble goals, it should be noted that New York State has the lowest per capita emissions in the United States - second only to Washington, DC - where public transit is responsible for their lower numbers.
In fact, transportation leads sources of emissions in New York State, followed by the need for performance contracting and mechanical upgrades to increase building efficiencies.

Natural gas is responsible for dramatic reductions in emissions in New York and other States, and the cost of heating, along with the price of electricity generated by natural gas has dropped significantly over the last decade due to the abundance of natural gas. 

The new law will create a 22 member "Climate Action Council" that will develop policies over the next two years.  This Council will conduct 6 regional meetings over that time to hear from stakeholders as they develop binding policies.
We must engage this process and ensure that factual information is understood and factored into the planning process.
The priorities should be clear.  Transportation does in fact require attention, yet we must be vigilant for zealous activists that do not have the facts on emissions, nor the price of heating and electricity, nor the jobs that deliver safe, affordable and reliable utility services.

Expect to hear more on how, when and where we can engage this process and guard against well-intended legislation becoming disastrous policy. - Eric Hauser, Recording Secretary

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