Union Election Nonmination Update

Wednesday, May 6, 2020
With the closure of all of our meeting halls for the foreseeable future, the executive board had voted to do mail in nominations for the upcoming elections. The Election Judge Brian Graf has been working with the IBEW 3rd District office to properly conduct this process. The nomination letter and information will be going in the mail by May 15th, 2020. You should receive it no later than May 22nd, 2020. For this nomination process we are asking the membership to self nominate and accept. This will ease the logistics of the nomination process and has international approval. If you have not received one it is most likely due to the Union office not having your up to date mailing address. Please contact the office at 1-716-662-8480 to update. I have attached an example of the letter below. This is not to be considered you official notice or nomination form. I hope this finds you all in good health, United we will get through these times.

Click here to download the letter.