Union Election Ballots

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
The Nomination process for the upcoming election was finalized on June 17th. The following list are all the candidates as determined by Brian Graf, IBEW LU 2154 Election Judge. The Judge and tellers will be processing ballots for mailing on July 1st & 2nd. Ballots are to be postmarked by July 24th. Ballots will be counted July 30th & 31st.
Business Manager/ Financial Secretary
Eric Hauser
Heather Owczarzak
Richard Wainwright
Eric Hinterberger
Jason Morgano
Brett Laubisch
Vice President
Jordan Rzesiewicz
Joy Williams
Recording Secretary
No candidate was nominated
Executive Board: Area then Candidate
NFSC/TOSC:     Jason Barclay
CLSC/BASC/RUSH/Honeyeye/Port/ Oak: Lucas Mader
MSW (Vote for 2 ):     William Landhal and Mike McCowan
WELL/SALA/ZOAR/CONC/Lime/ Hinsdale: Shawn Clark
Oil City/HEND/Franklin/ Sugar Creek: Jeremy Kelso
DBSC/Elk/ St. Marys/Brookville.....:  No candidate was nominated
Sharon/Mead: Cory Hayes
Delegates for the 2021 IBEW Convention: Vote for 2
Cory Hays
William Landahl
Brett Laubisch
Jordan Rzesiewicz
Joy Williams