Happy Labor Day

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Happy Labor Day! On Monday, we celebrate the workers holiday. We celebrate all of the important work that you have done over the past year. While 2020 has not been what anyone would have expected, this year has shown the importance of workers.

We are scheduled for our next monthly New York meeting on Friday, September 18th at 5:30.  We are back at The Knights of Columbus at 2735 Union Road, Cheektowaga 14227.  Please come out to show your support and meet Local 2154's new Officers and Elected Officials.  Thank you again for all your support during the election.  We had a great voting turnout compared to the past.

We are scheduled to negotiate New York's contract with the Company the week of December 7th.  The negotiation committee will begin training with the IBEW at the end of this month and we will begin preparation for our negotiations.  Thank you to everyone who has submitted proposals, shared contract ideas and voiced thoughts and opinions.  Please don't hesitate to bring your input to our meetings, our executive board members and to myself.  We will be getting into Pennsylvania's negotiations at about this time next year and I continue to take notes and write down proposals for Pennsylvania as well.  

I will be working on making surveys available.  We need to hear from our membership.  It's not about the Officers and Elected Officials, it's about the union body.  Your Executive Board members should know the members they represent and act accordingly on your behalf.  Surveys will be your voice and as your Business Manager, I will do my absolute best to be the voice of our union. Please encourage your fellow union sisters and brothers to join The Pipeline. They can sign up by clicking here.
I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Labor Day.